Thursday, February 18, 2010

OFM Cubicles

Panel furniture has become a huge part of almost every office in the country. With such a wide demand it is essential to find a manufacturer to provide the best solutions for your individual needs.

RiZe Panel System furniture by OFM offers almost complete design flexibility at an extremely affordable price. For a fraction of what competing panel system cost, RiZe will convert your office space into an attractive and professional-looking modern business environment.

The RiZe panel furniture shown features:

• Easy assembly -- No tools required!
• First ever Panel System not to require tools for assembly, which will save you money on installation costs
• Wide variety of configuration options
• 2” thick steel frame for sturdiness and stability
• Vinyl cover makes it easy to keep clean
• Quick and Easy replaceable parts
• Sturdy 1.75" adjustable floor leveling glides
• 2" Square posts install in seconds
• Two-way, three-way and four-way panel connections
• Panel cover removes instantly for fast access to data, voice and other wire connections
• Removable wire control grommet cover helps keep your wiring organized
System Includes:
(4) Desks with keyboard trays, and panels to assemble four workstation cubicles
(4) Matching mobile file pedestals in Cherry or Maple


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