Wednesday, January 23, 2019

What's New? Contemporary Seating from Woodstock Marketing

The team at Woodstock Marketing is at it again! This industry leading chair provider is paving the way for refined interiors in 2019 with hot new seating solutions you don't want to miss. New Woodstock Marketing chairs like the Joe, Janis, and Marie offer the contemporary design characteristics needed to earn your commercial interiors the compliments they deserve.

Woodstock Marketing Joe ChairTake one look at the all new Joe chair from Woodstock Marketing and you'll fall in love. This sleek office chair is available in a choice of high and mid back variations. The Nappa upholstery offers a supple feel and exceptional durability. The Joe is available in 5 color options that perfectly compliment a set of polished aluminum arms and a matching base.

Janis ChairThe Janis is a refined take on the classic Joplin chair from Woodstock Marketing. With a bit more padding and the ability to support users up to 300 pounds, the Janis will soon become one of the most popular conference room chairs on the market. The contemporary design makes it easy to maximize available table space while the steel inner frame makes for a reliable sit that won't let you down during extended team strategizing sessions.

Marie ChairMoving right along, allow us to introduce the ultra stylish Marie. The first thing you'll notice about the Marie chair is the unique contours and fluid structure. This mid back chair is an excellent option for conference rooms and home work environments. The Marie is available in fashionable colors like Cloud White for just $415.00.

Jimi ChairThe Jimi is a fresh take on the Woodstock Marketing Hendrix chair. This professional seating solution boasts segmented cushions that your back will love. The Jimi is available in both high and mid back variations starting at $349.00.

Woodstock Joan ChairLast but certainly not least is the Joan. This full mesh office chair is light, airy, and fun to sit in. The Joan is a great way to add contemporary appeal to any interior. If you're limited on operating space, the Joan is a must consider. The sleek characteristics make for a really neat seating solution that's ready to make a statement. As mesh chairs go, the Joan is a bit pricey. That being said, you get what you pay for. These high and mid back office chairs for sale from Woodstock Marketing are very well made and ready for the demands of everyday use.

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