Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Office Ergonomics: 5 Products Designed To Help You Compute More Comfortably

The importance of comfort in the workplace cannot be underestimated. If you're fighting pain, fatigue, and stress throughout task filled work days, it's difficult to be productive. That being said, key ergonomic products are available to help you compute healthy. Today on the blog we'll show you 5 of our favorites. Prepare to be impressed!

1.) Global Spree Chair

Global Spree Chair

The first thing you'll need is a comfortable ergonomic chair designed to hep you adapt on the fly. As we spend the majority of our time sitting, it's important to do it correctly! With a chair like the Spree from Global, you'll enjoy top notch support and the adjustment features needed to help you work with good posture. The Spree chair features an ergonomically contoured back that's designed to avoid restricting upper body movement. With a multi functional mechanism and adjustable arms, this chair is one of the best options on the market under $500.00.

2.) Bush Business Furniture Articulating Keyboard Tray

Bush Business Furniture Articulating Keyboard Tray

Typing at healthy angles is a must. If you type and compute incorrectly, you'll be subject to wrist pain that can lead to common office epidemics like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. With an articulating keyboard tray like the AC99801-03 from Bush Business Furniture, you'll be able to create a ton of extra desk surface space while proving yourself with the adjustment capabilities needed to type smarter.

3.) Symmetry Office Allure Dual Screen Monitor Arm

Allure Dual Screen Monitor Mount

If you're still working on a single monitor situated atop the factory base that it came with, it's time for a change. Dual screen setups have rapidly become the industry standard. They'll cut down on the time you spend flipping back and forth between tables while simultaneously creating additional operating space. With the Allure dual screen monitor arm from Symmetry Office you can also raise your monitors to eye level where they below. This monitor mount even offers sit-to-stand capabilities.

4.) Systematix Volante Workstation

Systematix Volante Workstation

The Volante workstation from Systematix offers a ton of benefits. This height adjustable workstation can be used with just about any desk. It makes it easy to transition between sitting and standing to stay active throughout busy work days. The Volante features an adjustable keyboard platform and spacious operating surface. This unit ships fully assembled for just $299.99. If you're tired of sitting for hours on end and suffering from chronic fatigue in the workplace, the Volante is a must consider. It will improve blood flow and posture while helping you fight back against the dangers of extended sits.

5.) Safco Focal Pivot Seat

Safco Focal Pivot Seat

The FWS-1000 pivot seat from the Safco Focal collection is nothing short of awesome. With the demand for height adjustable office furniture at an all time high, ergonomic perch stools like this one make it easy to enjoy added support while standing, without eliminating the continuous muscle movement you're looking to engage in. The Focal series pivot seat encourages continuous posture changes and accommodates users up to 300 pounds. The lightweight design makes the pivot seat easily transportable and a great option for group work environments in addition to your private workspace.

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